Sunday, April 30, 2006

Liberals Are Brain Dead

In cased you missed it, the loonies from the left had a march the other day demanding we get out of Iraq and into Darfur! Yes the religion of peace is killing innocent people there and the left wants us to save them. Let see, send troops to a largely Muslim country to fight with terrorists. Aren't we doing that already? How come they see no value in what we are doing in Iraq, but they are willing to send troops off to die somewhere else? The last time we used that goofy type of diplomacy was in Somalia. Watch the movie Blackhawk Down if you need some feedback on how well that turned out.


Blogger LorzoftheRings said...

1- The fighting in Dafur has nothing to do with religion. The Janjaweed militias are Arab, which is a race, not Islamic, which is a religion. In fact, Muslims have been most adversly affected by the conflict.

"The government has not intervened, despite mild international pressure. As a result, the Janjaweed has terrorized the Darfur region by raping women, burning villages, killing Muslim religious leaders, destroying mosques, ruining food stocks, and murdering men women and children alike."

So the religion of peace ARE the innocents being killed, not the other way around.

2- When we sent people to Iraq, it wasn't to fight terrorists, it was to get those phantom WMD. In fact, the grand total of suicide bombings in the history of Iraq before we got there was 0. So, by going to Dafur we could stop actual terrorists commiting actual crimes, as opposed to just creating more terrorists while trying to stop potential future crimes, like we did in Iraq.

3- Its not that we on the left don't see the value of what we are doing in Iraq. Its just that the value of what we are doing is negative in nearly every posible aspect. Through a stunning combination of ignorance, incompetence, and mismanagement at every level, Iraq is now all but a lost cause. If you look at our current spending level, the amount of time it will take to rebuild what we have set out to rebuild at our current pace is INFINITE. We have already spent hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of soldiers lives to take a hostile dictatorship and turn it into a country in the middle of a debilitating low-grade civil war. Add to this the fact that many of the seemingly endless insurgent groups exist and operate soley because we are in their country, and the amount of good that would be accomplished by pulling out may now out-weigh the harm.

4- Actually, the last time we used that goofy type of diplomacy was when we pulled out of Afganastan early to go into Iraq. But you are right, it rarely seems to end well.

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